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On haters and Inspiration

This is part of a podcast featuring Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen that is very important to me, and reflects the way in which I also think. I see someone doing things with their life that I find extremely amazing, and I am inspired by them. But a lot of young people living in Halifax, especially women, see someone achieving their goals and it bothers them. When you were a kid, you were working on you, and that same mentality exists in the people who are the greatest at what they do. The greatest people are not bothered by other people success, they are working on themselves, and because of that they are undeniably amazing.

“And it’s important to not give into jealousy. When you see someone doing something you’re not doing, and you feel like,…..well Fuck. There’s an instinct to protect yourself by bullshitting yourself and becoming jealous and bitter and talking shit about that person, and that’s where haters come from. One hundred percent of all haters in the world are unrealized potential. “

#joerogan #bryancallen #jealousy #inspiration #podcast

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