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Rant 1

Beg my pard for the rant. So, I'm sitting in the airport having a lobster roll and a coffee and a guy sitting next to me leans over and says "that's what I like to see, a woman who eats!" . In which I reply "interesting, as opposed to what?". In his defense I was scoffing it down like a caveman I was so hungry but, this isn't the first time this has happened. On a number of first dates I have had in the past few years I have been taken out to dinner, where I ordered food, which I thought was the fucking point of going out to a Restaurant at supper time on a first date. Apparently not. Maybe I'm missing something, maybe I'm supposed to order a water and salad with dressing, cheese and all the good stuff on the side, but regardless, THAT IS NOT THE NORM, so when you say "oh great you ordered a burger, that's what I like to see a women who actually eats!" you are making the assumption that majority of women should munch on some celery while you stuff your face with a delicious steak. And, to the women who feel more comfortable snacking on some raw lettuce on their date, go ham! If that's your jam, good for you, but, it should not be what men think women should do on a dinner date and they certainly shouldn't comment when we order a real meal.-end.

Rant 2.

Considering I am not friends with any teenagers or babies on Facebook, I assume by now we have all come to the conclusion that we should do what ever the fuck we want, because we will be judged for it anyway. And Coco Chanel was onto something what she said, “ I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” And what a world we would live in, if this were always the case, but unfortunately it’s not. Often I hear untrue, ridiculous things regarding my life, my choices, and my relationships from other people… friends-of -friends of this one girl downtown, etc. I would be lying if on the odd occasion I am not appalled or disappointed by the untrue/negative thoughts others have of me,.. or of my loved ones. Unfortunately (breaking out to kill a mocking bird here) people generally see what the look for and hear what they listen for. So at the end of the day, there is precisely squat you can do to alter others opinions of you. As humans, we judge, and its very difficult not to. However, if I am speaking with someone, and they are gossiping about another person, and they say “ Said person is great,….now. But they used to …. Bla bla bla untrue/true BS”- who knows. It’s irrelevant, but unfortunately this has been happening to me a lot lately. TAKE NOTE: When a person is trying to change their life for the better, which, lets face it, we should all be striving to do constantly, THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS TO KEEP REMINDING THEM/OTHERS OF THEIR PAST. So understand this, next time anyone comes up to me and speaks of a third party like “ yeah, Becky is really great… now, but Jesus did she used to Party too hard, sleep around, etc etc.” Please, understand that I will be judging you, and not Becky. I never let the opinions of other consume me, and I certainly don’t let the opinions of others regarding a third party alter my perception of said person. It’s very important to always remember that sometime the way we think about a person isn’t the way they actually are. –end

#lobsterroll #cocochanel #norm #justbenice

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